Let’s Turn Passion Into Action.

Give the way that you want. Individuals, families and businesses can partner with DVCF to meet charitable giving goals and support causes you’re passionate about. Together, we can create giving plans with your personal stamp. At DVCF, we maximize the impact of your gifts today and in the future.

From simple online giving, to sophisticated options, like donor-advised funds, we offer a range of options to suit you best.

Ways to Give

The more we grow, the more we all get. Any kind of giving powers up our community —making it better and brighter, for today and far into the future. Here’s how you can help.

Donate to a Fund

It’s quick, easy and secure: you can donate online directly to existing funds. Select the DONATE button below, or the one on top of each webpage. Choose a one-time contribution, monthly contribution or in memory, and indicate which fund you would like your donation designated to in the comment box.

Open a Fund

Meet our bread and butter. Most of the time, donations to DVCF are endowed. That means they are permanently invested for long-term growth. Herein lies the power: your initial gift grows through investment to provide ongoing support for organizations in Drayton Valley and area.

Planned Giving

What legacy will you leave behind? With many unique ways to give—through wills, estate planning, life insurance policies, gifts of securities, cash and more—we can help you align your giving goals to the charities that meant the most.

Corporate Giving

Companies need to be strategic to succeed in business, and the same should go for charitable giving. DVCF can help your company with strategy and pinpoint the causes it cares about. Once you make your decision, our community will recognize your company every year for its generous contribution.



We’re local.

Our work directly benefits your community.


We are THE liaison between donors and charities in Drayton Valley.

We do what’s best in each unique situation, even if this means working with donors directly or referring them to another charitable organization.


Giving is always flexible and personal.

We can accept a wide variety of assets to help facilitate tax effective plans.


We are reputable stewards of donations and resources.

We strongly value transparency, and are committed to being responsive and accessible.


Long-term sustainability is everything.

We consider this in all strategic planning.


We always aim for maximum impact.

When establishing funds, we help donors tailor their giving to align with community needs.


We build permanent funds.

That way, projects soar today and tomorrow.


Great work can happen anywhere.

We establish great relationships with charitable organizations outside our community too, for more variety when choosing what causes to support.


We unify.

Bringing together the entire community builds diversity and strengthens relationships.


Our community has unlimited potential.

Together we can harness it and create an even brighter place to call home.


Considering opening a fund with DVCF? There are a variety of funds available, so that you can align with the one that suits your wishes.

Unrestricted Funds

These give us maximum ability to strengthen our community. Unrestricted funds often go to where the money is most needed—often operating expenses of the organization or to a particular project where the need is high.

Donor Advised Funds

If you want to be totally involved in the granting process, this is your fund. Visions can change over the years; with this setup it’s guaranteed that you are giving to the causes that match your values and interests.

Donor Designated Funds

Choose which organization you like to support with your fund, and the Drayton Valley Community Foundation will grant to the causes you support annually. This is a great option for creating a legacy or charitable organization fund.

Scholarship Funds

Direct what schools, courses or programs you would like your fund to support. You can choose other criteria in the scholarship eligibility—like what type of merit you wish to see in the recipient.

Field of Interest Funds

Thinking about being less hands-on? A field of interest fund is a great option; we help you choose an interest field near to your heart. Then we leave the work up to our experienced and dedicated granting committee to match the fund to your field of choice.

  • Arts, Culture and History
  • Children Youth and Families
  • Environmental and Animal Welfare
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Education and Employment
  • Community
  • Crisis Relief

Emerging Funds

These funds are tailored to you and how you want to give over the long term. Whether you want reduce taxes, offer a place for people to contribute toward a legacy, or rally the community and fundraise for something you’re passionate about…the emerging fund can be your heavy hitter. Put in any dollar amount to start, with the expectation that your fund will hit $10,000.00 in 10 years. Once the goal of $10,000.00 hits, the fun starts and you can grant out the interest earned. If your fund does not reach the goal by 10 years, the donations get rolled over to our general endowment—so either way, you have created a lasting gift for your community.

Become a Community Builder

…AKA a Patron!

Have you been positively influenced by Drayton Valley and area and want to give back? Become a patron of the Drayton Valley Community Foundation. Your actions are how we continue to build up our community.

Here’s how it works:

  • Make a one-time $30.00 donation.
  • Your name is then added to our patron list.
  • You also receive a tax receipt.
  • Every donation made through our patronage program goes toward building a permanent endowment fund. Know that these funds stay in your community forever!