Our Funds

Established DVCF Funds

General Operating Endowment Fund

DVCF has a general operating endowment fund to continually build a sustainable future for the Community Foundation. All donations that go into this fund are invested, so expenses are funded through a sustainable source. Our long-term goal is to eliminate administration fees on all funds— allowing every dollar from our funds to stay directly with the cause they support.

Youth Fund “Youth – Our Hope and Our Future”

In August 1998, the Big Brothers chapter disbanded, and they forwarded their unused funds to the DVCF. The income from this fund helps provide funding for youth projects in the Drayton Valley area.

Drayton Valley Volunteer Fire Fighters Fund

Founded in June 2000, the Volunteer Fire Fighters initially raised the monies for this fund in April 1997 when 10 members shaved their heads. The interest derived from this fund is designated by the Fire Fighters.

Friends of the Foundation

The fund was created in 2002 as a legacy, whereby donors could begin with a $1000donation and build on their endowment. When the fund reached $5,000, it may be designated by the donor. The initial donor to this fund was Ron Sekura.

Drayton Valley Oilmen’s Hockey Association

In September 2003, the Drayton Valley Oilmen’s Hockey Association held their first annual Hockey Tournament and established a fund with the DVCF. The initial amount
was $10,500, and now the tournament continues annually and gives back to the community each year.

The Riopel Fund

The Riopel Fund was established in 2009, with the family wishing to designate the fund to helping children.

Pembina Education Society Enhancement Fund

This fund enhances the delivery and sustainability of projects in relation to the field of education on any level.

Pembina Education Society Community Fund

This fund assists in delivering funds to community projects, this broad-spectrum fund is channeled into many areas pertaining to our community, assisting the areas that are in the most need.

Beehive Endowment Fund

The Beehive support services have been serving individuals with disabilities in Drayton Valley since 1975. This fund was established to continue to support these vulnerable individuals for generations to come.

Henry & Jane Joneson Fund

This fund serves Tomahawk and the surrounding areas.

Education & Scholarship Fund

This fund supports educational projects.

Crisis Relief Fund

This fund assists crisis relief in Drayton Valley and surrounding areas.

Local Projects Fund

This fund supports local projects and helps enhance our community.

International Communities Fund

This fund was established to fund projects in international communities; Drayton Valley cares about all areas of the world and does their part.

RJ Pequin Fund

This is a donor-advised fund.


In November 2003, a sister and friends of Mark Wanagas founded the Mark Wanagas Scholarship Fund. Mark was an avid basketball teacher and player, and interest from this fund goes toward supporting his program. 


This fund was developed to ensure that no children in Drayton Valley goes without a magical holiday season. The funds main purpose is to ensure all families with children have access to a warm meal for Christmas.



This fund supports Frank Maddock High School sports teams.


This fund will be used to provide financial assistance to Elevated Experience Camping Society and other qualified donee’s.

Ron & darlene feniak family fund

Ron & Darlene Feniak are long-time Drayton Valley residents who are proud to call Drayton Valley their home. Having raised their kids here and now having grandchildren in the area, they wanted to give back to the community that has supported them. This fund will be donor-advised with an emphasis on education and animals.

The Patricia Jeffery Resilience Award

The Patricia Jeffery Resilience Award is an award presented annually to a Drayton Valley Outreach School (DVCOS) student who has successfully overcome significant adversity or significant challenges during their journey of earning a high school diploma. This award is provided to the chosen student to provide financial support for their future endeavors and will be presented by the principal or staff of DVCOS.

Patricia Jeffery is a teacher and school administrator who retired in 2016 after 40 years in education. The award is named after her because of the determination and resilience she herself demonstrated after returning to work following major surgeries to remove a benign brain tumor in 2013. For two years after this, Patricia worked as the principal for DVCOS, determined to establish a school that would provide a valuable option for students who found education challenging. The school continues to be successful today and follows the principles “Pat” put in place.

The environmental fund

A fund that aims to grow and support Drayton Valley/ Brazeau County’s environmental sector both by giving to environmental programs and supporting our own.




Initially established in 2014, this fund’s goal is to support the community through grants to various community groups and organizations.


A fund aimed at supporting programs and organizations in town that are dedicated to helping those individuals who are homeless, struggling with addiction, and working toward recovery.


The Rotary Club of Drayton Valley received its charter in June 1995. Since then, they have carried out their Club’s motto, “Service above self.” You can see this in the projects they have done in the community over the years, like the Rotary House, Rotary Trails, Rotary Library, and Rotary Park. Each year they give out scholarships, support the nutrition programs in elementary schools, and international projects like the Awaso program.

The Club chose to develop a Designated Endowment Fund to ensure that the Rotary Club of Drayton Valley will continue to be present in the Town of Drayton Valley and continue to support local projects for generations to come.

The Drayton valley hospitality & tourism authority (dvhta) FUND

The Drayton Valley Hospitality & Tourism Authority (DVHTA) was formed to promote tourism and destination travel to the Drayton Valley region. The DVHTA fund was set up to assist DVCF and our community in promoting the region through marketing and event promotion.


This fund is aimed at supporting organizations and community groups that aid in sheltering and caring for homeless animals and protecting and rehabilitating abused animals. “Animals” can range from anything that has fur, scales, skin, shells, or feathers.


Barry Carlson was a board member and treasurer of DVCF for 7 years. Throughout those years, he dedicated his time, knowledge, and skills to helping the Foundation grow into what it is today. He started this family fund to continue the good work he started at the Foundation and ensure his passion for giving back continues for generations to come.

The John & Julie Mulligan Fund


This fund supports youth nature education, stewardship initiatives, and capital projects for Drayton Valley/Brazeau County’s provincial recreation areas.

Emerging Funds


You have to get up and plant the seed and see if it grows, but you can’t just wait around, you have to water it and take care of it.

THE Steve Dodds Sports Award FUND

The dannielle & Kirk dearman family FUND


Ezra and Cooper Peebles, two enterprising siblings from Drayton Valley, have taken philanthropy to a new level with their heartwarming initiative. They make up “The Galaxy Bros”, a name they gave to their aspiring gumball business. Using a portion of the proceeds from this successful endeavour, the Peebles brothers have established a unique fund under the Drayton Valley Community Foundation. This fund is not just a one-time charitable act; it’s designed to have a lasting impact.

The Peebles felt that creating a fund they could donate to as a family, year after year for decades to come, was a great way to foster a love for community and charity to others, which is at the core of their family values. Working in collaboration with local family services each Christmas season, the interest generated from their fund will be used to help underprivileged households achieve improved health.

What makes this initiative remarkable is the age and foresight of its founders. Ezra and Cooper, despite their young ages, have displayed an exceptional level of empathy for others, as well as fostering a business acumen. They have not only run a profitable venture but they have also understood the importance of giving back to their community in a meaningful way that they hope will inspire other young people to do the same.

Cooper and Ezra have already begun encouraging family and friends to donate to their fund and are pleased to know that their parents, Corey and Jeneile, will be the first ones to contribute from their businesses, including each real estate transaction, in support of this very worthwhile venture.

The oil country Taphouse (OCT) Fund

Drayton memorial – Health & Seniors Fund

Keep your loved one’s memory alive forever! This Fund is dedicated to health and senior initiatives.

Grizz’s Cowboy Pride Fund

Established in memory of Glenn “Grizz” Carlson. Glenn Carlson was an integral and well-respected member of the oilfield, rodeo, farm, and ranch communities. Following his suicide, his family created a fund to help promote mental health in these industries. Grizz was a proud man who always took care of others and never asked for help himself. With this fund, his family hopes to save someone else and provide support for those left behind. 

Lily Ross Fine Arts Scholarship Fund

To support the development of young students who wish to continue their studies at a college or university in the field of fine arts.

Memorial Funds

“Always in our hearts, never forgotten”

Jennifer Mulligan Scholarship Fund

The Mulligan family established The Jennifer Mulligan Fund in November 1999, in memory of their daughter. It helps students requiring academic assistance—Jennifer’s memory lives on by “Helping the Youth of Tomorrow.”

Amy Blais Family Fund

Amy was an active member of the community when she was suddenly stricken with cancer. The Blais Family established this fund in her memory in November 1996, with the interest being forwarded to the Cross Cancer Research. Amy was a community inspiration, and her memory lives on.

Garth Sweet Fund

The Garth Sweet Fund was established at the request of the family of Garth Sweet, who passed suddenly in June 2001. Garth was a visionary who supported the concept of the Foundation and promoted the idea throughout this community. Garth had a thriving business and was well known and respected in both the oil and cattle/farming industry.

Dean Meraw Family Fund

Kathleen Meraw established The Dean Meraw fund, as a legacy and tribute to her husband. He worked in the oilfield and was a owner of Meraw & McGee Well Servicing. Dean had an interest in education, and was one of the founders of the St. Anthony Catholic School. Serving on the Board for over 18 years, he was a family man who knew the importance of educating his children.

Albert Anderson Fund

In June 2002, one of our staunch community members passed away. Immediately, the family created a fund with the DVCF. The family hopes to eventually create a scholarship for local students to pursue a career in heavy-duty mechanics.

Terry Grinde Fund

Established in 2004, this fund is thanks to an anonymous donor and long time friend. Terry loved to bike, and the interest from this fund has supplied many bikes to needy individuals.

Mark Wanagas Scholarship Fund

In November 2003, a sister and friends of Mark Wanagas founded the Mark Wanagas Scholarship Fund. Mark was an avid basketball teacher and player, and interest from this fund goes toward supporting his program.

Rob Feddema Sr. Fund

A fund established in 2009 in memory of Rob Feddema Sr.

Tyson Titanich Memorial Fund

This fund is in memory of Tyson Titanich, and supports outdoor projects to instill the same passion in others about the outdoors that Tyson held in his life. Hunting and fishing were amazing skills of his, and this fund helps remind those who know him of his love and kindness.

Gage Bogart Memorial Fund

The Gage Bogart Fund was established by his family to fundraise for a memorial statue that now stands at the 4-S Skate park. The rest of the funds assisted in creating an endowment fund that will give for generations to come. 

Lindsay & James Gray Fund

Established in memory of Lindsay and James Gray, this fund supports the village of Lushoto in Africa, to support the Irente Orphanage. The orphanage also provided a lasting gift: naming the building that was built with these funds Lindsay’s House.

Grizz’s Cowboy Pride Fund

Established in memory of Glenn “Grizz” Carlson. Glenn Carlson was an integral and well-respected member of the oilfield, rodeo, farm, and ranch communities. Following his suicide, his family created a fund to help promote mental health in these industries. Grizz was a proud man who always took care of others and never asked for help himself. With this fund, his family hopes to save someone else and provide support for those left behind. 


Gerardes and Paulina Broks were staples in the Breton and Winfield Community. Having immigrated to Canada from Holland in 1949, they were proud Canadian Citizens who took great pride in their new country. They were hard-working farmers who were always willing to help a neighbor. Their house was always filled with laughter from their 8 children and 29 grandchildren, and various friends that came to visit. This fund will be used to give back to the Breton and Winfield communities; the place they called home.


This memorial fund was established to honour the legacy of a valued community member, John Mackenzie. This is a donor-advised fund.


This memorial fund was established to honor the legacy of a beloved co-worker, family, and friend. Jesse loved animals, especially his dogs, Ricky and Dicky; this fund will be used to support Cause for Critters and help every animal feel as loved as Jesse’s did.   


This fund has been created to honor Angie’s keen interest in lending a hand to young people. It came naturally to Angie to give and help without judgment. Her house and her dinner table were readily available to the youth of her community unconditionally. Local teens and persons under 25 are encouraged to submit proposals for programs, projects, and other activities that support mental health. Proposals will be awarded funding on merit and feasibility.

Scholarships and Bursaries

Bredal Energy

In May 2004, Bredal Energy held its annual golf tournament, with proceeds flowing through the DVCF. An endowment fund was also established at that time.

Brittany Ann Urkevich Memorial Scholarship Fund

The fund assists students in demonstrating financial need with a desire to further education.

Pembina Education Society Adult Continuing Education

This assists adult learners 20 years of age or older who need financial assists to start or continue on their education path. This fund is versatile and supports all kinds of students—from upgrading high school to completing degrees.

Petro Canada Fund

Scholarships are for students pursuing oil and gas careers.

Lily Ross Fine Arts Scholarship Fund

To support the development of young students who wish to continue their studies at a college or university in the field of fine arts.

Flow-Through Funds 


“Giving back to our community, today.”

Pembina Nordic Ski Club 

The Pembina Nordic Ski Club was established in 1976 originally offering groomed cross county ski trails along the beautiful North Saskatchewan River. The club has since grown and features an education/ event center as well as disk golf.   

Drayton Valley Thunder Hockey

Drayton Valleys Local Junior A Team makes an impact on our community through participating in  many initiatives. They offer a youth hockey camp and much more. 

eagle points blue rapids parks council 

EPBRPC offers A Provincial Park designated to protect natural habitats and accommodate recreational interests of its visitors. With the partnership of other local organizations, they offer outdoor recreational programming such as snow shoeing, cross country skiing, hiking, camping, interpretive programs and much more.     

FMHS Blue and Gold Society

The FMHS Blue and Gold Society strives to provide enhanced extracurricular and curricular school activities to youth attending Frank Maddock High School. They also guide youth and community members in volunteerism and giving back to Drayton Valley and area.     

Children’s Wish Gala 

The Children’s Wish Gala aims to grant magical wishes to children in need in and around Drayton Valley. This annual fundraiser provides children with life threatening illnesses the opportunity to receive their most heartfelt wish, providing them with strength to endure their treatments and build resilience. 

Drayton Valley Rotary Club

The Rotary Club of Drayton Valley takes action locally and globally by pouring their passion into completing projects that have a lasting impact. Rotary Club of Drayton Valley can be seen volunteering at many community events and providing monetary donations to well-deserving projects. 

Drayton Valley Islamic Society

The Islamic Society provides a place of worship for the Muslim community and a gathering place for all community members.

Having a Mosque allows us to show the true meaning of Islam versus the negative perception understood by many. It also gives us the opportunity to provide our youth with the proper teachings of our faith.

Humans helping humans

The Humans Helping Humans Housing Foundation is a community-driven affordable housing initiative born in the Town of Drayton Valley. The Foundation is operated by passionate members of the community including professionals, business people, and community figures. They target low to medium-income families who have fallen on hard times and need a little help.

Opportunity Home Treatment   & Recovery Centre

Opportunity Home is a treatment and recovery center based in Drayton Valley with the mission to provide mental, physiological, and spiritual support to individuals suffering from addiction with a multi-faceted recovery program.


Warming Hearts Soup Kitchen provides warm meals, food hampers, grocery cards, and fuel cards to those in need (when supplies are available). They also look after two outside pantries, restocked daily and available 24 hours a day.


Imagine if you were cold on the streets of Drayton Valley and had no place to go. We provide a daytime shelter, hot coffee, warm meals, and a caring community for those in need.

Emergency relief Flow-Through Fund

This fund will support the Drayton Valley and area communities as they rebuild from these wildfires and any emergencies in the future. To distribute this funding and make sure it’s used where it’s needed most, Drayton Valley Community Foundation will be working alongside the municipalities and the county. If you would like your donation to go towards a preferred area, please indicate that in the message area.


The Small Town Big Life Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of local residents. We bring people together to celebrate our unique lifestyle and shared experiences. Through our strategic fundraising efforts, we can support local causes and projects to help create a brighter, more fulfilling future for Drayton Valley & Brazeau County.