Petro Canada Scholarship Fund Application

Petro-Canada, a National and International Oil and Gas Company with a local base in the Area, as part of their ongoing support and commitment to community initiatives has set up a scholarship in the Drayton Valley area to support students who enter into the Oil and Gas Industry field.

The Scholarship – $500 (Available to two recipients)

Scholarships will be awarded annually to students from the geographical area of the Drayton Valley Community Foundation that express a desire to enter into a career that supports the Oil and Gas Industry.

Criteria/Procedure for Scholarship Applicants

  1. Potential candidates must apply for these grants by August 18th of this year (sooner if the applicant is sure of the program they are going into and their acceptance).
  2. Priority will be give to students and their families that reside in the geographical area of the town of Drayton Valley and the Brazeau County. As well priority will be given to those students who otherwise may not have the financial means or ability to pursue further education through a registered school.
  3. The students must be attending a qualified registered school and must be registered in a qualified University, Secondary College or Trade School.
  4. Acceptance will not necessarily be based strictly upon school marks but the nature of the career and intention of what the student may want to pursue. It would also be advantageous to have a Teacher’s recommendation, but not necessarily a requirement.  A recommendation could come from a Coach, mentor or a significant person in the applicant’s life.
  5. Presentation of the bursary will be made after the student is registered and attending classes. The bursary will be made payable to the applicant’s school.  Upon completion of the course, a brief letter must be sent to the Foundation stating how the successful applicants did with their studies.