Emergency Services Scholarship Fund Application


The purpose of the emergency services scholarship fund is to provide high school students seeking a career in emergency service professions with funding for the education in: firefighting services or fire sciences, emergency medical services, emergency management, and/or law enforcement.

Grant Amount

$500.00 per applicant total

Application Deadline

June 1

Minimum Eligibility:

  • No age restriction
  • Resident of Drayton Valley / Brazeau County
  • Enrolled or accepted for enrolment as a student in an accredited emergency services program
  • Must be a member in “good standing” with the Community and School
  • Must certify that all information provided on your application form and in all accompanying documents is true, accurate and complete to the best of you knowledge.

Application Requirements:

  • A complete application form
  • A letter of recommendation / support from a member of the community
  • Letter of enrollment or acceptance as a student in an accredited emergency services program


Emergency Services Scholarship

The Emergency Services Scholarship was established by the Drayton Valley Volunteer Fire Fighters June 18, 2014. The award was established to assist high school students in the Drayton Valley or Brazeau County area entering an area of study in emergency services.

The award was established by Fire Chief Tom Thomson, on behalf of the Drayton Valley/Brazeau County Volunteer Fire Fighters.

Nature of the Award

The Emergency Services Scholarship will consist of a certificate and a $500 award to be issued to a qualified donee as noted by Canada Revenue Agency policy.

Selection Procedure

Annually an independent committee appointed by the community foundation with input from donor receives applications and makes recommendations to the Board on award recipients and amounts based on the eligibility criteria and other financial considerations. This committee will convene mid-June.

In other cases, the community foundation will advise universities and colleges of the availability of bursaries and scholarships for students meeting certain criteria, and the student will apply through the institution’s awards office

Presentation Procedures

The succeful applicant will be recognized on the Drayton Valley Community Foundations website and publications and event as well as receiving recognition at the Emergency Services Annual Guns and Hoses ball.