Albert Anderson Fund

Albert AndersonAlbert Anderson was born in Drayton Valley March 2, 1937. He met the love of his life Alice in Grade 7. “He always would pick me with stuff to do at school,” said Alice.
When Albert was 15 he worked in a lumber camp in Edson and shortly after he worked the rigs in Drayton Valley.

Alice (Combs) Anderson’s dad helped the young couple purchase their first gravel truck. From one truck the business grew to two trucks which then expanded to include six gravel trucks, five loaders and two cats. Anderson Sand and Gravel flourished for 30 years in the Drayton Valley Community.

“It was a family run business,” said Alice. Their eldest daughter Wanda was the secretary, and their youngest daughter Lola provided janitorial service every other day while she was in high school.

Albert and Alice were married just shy of 50 years when Albert passed away in June 2002. “He was a real down to earth kind of guy. He liked to tell jokes at the A and W,” said Alice. “The A and W was his second office.” When Albert passed away Alice recalled it was tough walking through Drayton Valley. “I would go down the street and it was hard because I knew every house our gravel was under.”

As the Anderson’s prospered they also gave back to the community.  “He donated to everything,” said Alice. One of Albert’s main interests was the Drayton Valley Thunder hockey team.

The Albert Anderson Fund was established in memory of long standing resident Albert Anderson. Donations to this fund will be granted to charities that line with Albert’s interests and passions.

“When we started out we had nothing but as things prospered we had everything that we wanted,” said Alice. The Anderson family is proud to keep the memory of Albert alive through the Drayton Valley Community Foundation.