Established Funds

Endowment Funds have the ability to establish a legacy of giving well beyond the date of initial donation. They also have the power to distribute cumulative grant larger than the initial give. Endowment Funds are the proverbial “Gift that Keeps on Giving,” and giving and giving. Through thoughtful investment and spending practices the funds continue to grow over time and give year after year. Endowments are timeless contributions that create endless possibilities.

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Established Endowments

Unrestricted Funds: You can use your gift to meet the ever-changing needs of your community- including unanticipated future needs. The flexibility of your unrestricted gift makes it possible to respond to the community’s most pressing needs.

Field of Interest Funds: Funds with gifts directed to specific need in an important area of the community:Education


Sport and Recreation


Local Projects

Designated Funds: You can direct your gift to a specific charity, issue area or community. Help provide ongoing funding to virtually any nonprofit charitable organization.

Donor Advised Funds: You can have ongoing involvement in the use of your gift. You work with our grant making staff to identify ways use dollars form your donor advised fund

  • Riopel Family Fund
  • Roland and Jeannette Pequin Family Fund
  • Apex Monarch Fund
  • Bob Dale Endowment Fund
  • Brandette Well Servicing Fund
  • Camdon Construction Fund
  • Century 21 Fund
  • Earth and Iron Fund
  • Ferrey Group Holdings Fund
  • H. Hamdon Stores Fund
  • Independent Electric and Controls Fund
  • Intercon Messaging Fund
  • Iron Horse Drilling Fund
  • Keyera Fund
  • Loadstar Fund
  • Pile Base Contracting Fund
  • Reid Law Office
  • SunLife Financial Fund

Scholarships: Gifts can also be used to create scholarships in areas of interest that reflect community need

  • Bredal Energy Scholarship: Oil and Gas Sector
  • Petro-Canada Scholarship: Oil and Gas Sector
  • Micheal R. Allers: Scholarship for the field of Education
  • Drayton Valley Volunteer Fire Fighters Fund: Emergency Response Scholarship