Our Donors come from all walks of life and have unique charitable interest and financial circumstances and we work closely with them to personalize their funds.

Drayton Valley Community Foundation (DVCF) connects donors with opportunity to build a stronger and more vibrant community, now and in the future. Gifts to the DVCF provide ongoing support to organizations and causes in Drayton Valley and the surrounding area.

“An endowment fund provides a solid ‘business approach’ to fundraising.  Keeping the principle, investing safely and spending the interest is a smart way to provide a lasting funding source that continues to enhance the community long after the donation was made.“- Scott McQuaig
In most cases, donations to Drayton Valley Community Foundation are endowed. That means they are permanently invested for long-term growth. This is the power of endowment: your initial gift grows through investment to provide ongoing support forever.

A Legacy In the Making

Sometimes people equate “endowment” with millions of dollars” when, in fact, at the Drayton Valley Community Foundation we can create endowment funds beginning at $10,000. A fund becomes fully operational when it reaches $10,000. Once that happens we will begin granting 3% of the accrued interest to the cause or organization of your choice. You can take up to 10 years to reach $10,000 and the moment it reaches that target granting can begin. The process starts with a phone call (587) 464-0400 where our Executive Director will answer any questions you have. Then we’ll create and send you a sample fund agreement you can discuss with your adviser. The agreement will document the purpose of the fund, how disbursements will be made and any other details relevant to the individual fund.

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